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Justice Matters Press is the nation’s only social and racial justice press run by people of color for people of color. We publish books that elevate public discussion and understanding of issues that matter to people of color.

As an independent nonprofit publisher of books on social and racial justice, we aim to be a hub of knowledge, ideas, and inspiration—a place to produce compelling and engaging literature that take us to new ways of thinking and bringing about lasting systemic change. We believe that the voices and values of people of color are indispensable to achieving a reflective and just democracy.

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Hi Friends,

I am writing to tell you about Justice Matters Press&em;a recently-formed nonprofit organization that is the nation’s only social and racial justice press run by people of color for people of color.

Justice Matters Press is the ‘next phase’ of Justice Matters, an organization that for 18 years worked toward social and racial justice in education by elevating the voices and values of communities of color on issues ranging from school discipline, to arts integration, to teaching and learning. The organization’s core belief was communities of color hold the answers toward bringing about racially just public schooling.

I believe it is incredibly important for a nonprofit press like this one to exist and I anxiously await their first publications.

Justice Matters Press will publish nonfiction books in five categories, including ‘race and politics’, ‘grassroots movements of the global south’, and ‘portraits of leadership.’ I invite you to find out more about Justice Matters Press by visiting

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