Our Senior Fellows

We engage in multi-issue work through our Senior Fellows program, which creates partnerships with thought and movement leaders working in their respective fields. In collaboration with staff and community, Senior Fellows design projects and/or campaigns and author texts that are aligned with causes in which they are leaders and experts. Senior Fellows come from various movements and disciplines and have the backing of their communities and institutions, which, in addition to being sources of knowledge wealth and resources, also expand the capacity and reach of Justice Matters Press.

Marvin K. White

Marvin K. White is the editor of Justice Matters Press' forthcoming anthology, Nothing to Lose But Our Chains: Black Voices on Activism, Resistance and Love. He is a Masters of Divinity student at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley. He is also the pastoral intern at Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco, and the author of four collections of poetry published by RedBone Press: Our Name Be Witness, Status and the two Lammy-nominated collections last rights and nothin’ ugly fly. As an ex-member of the critically acclaimed PomoAfroHomos, a Cave Canem Fellow, and a community-based artist, Marvin K. White is articulating a vision of social, prophetic and creative justice through being a black poet, artist, activist, community organizer, public theologian, preacher, homemaker, cake baker, and Facebook statistician.