Eddy Morales

Member, Board of Directors

Eddy Morales is the founder and principal of Morales Public Relations (MPR), a firm dedicated to elevating progressive ideals through relationship cultivation, strategy, and communications. He is a seasoned activist, donor advisor, and strategist in the political and non-profit worlds with more than 10 years of experience at organizations such as the United States Student Association, Center for Community Change, VotoLatino, Crossroad Campaigns, and is currently a Director at the Democracy Alliance, in addition to his role at MPR.

Eddy carefully cultivates long­-term and trusted relationships with political leaders, elected officials, media sources, and influential decision makers. He has established effective and efficient processes for prospecting, engaging, and cultivating these relationships with major donors and labor unions to support federal, state, and local political campaigns, organizations, and PACs that empower the most vulnerable communities.

Eddy has also played a pivotal role as board member of the Midwest Academy, PowerPac, and Code for Progress. He attended the University of Oregon and currently resides in Washington D.C. with his partner Hugh and their beloved dog, Besitos.